Atoning for Past Mistakes | Vital Smarts

  Dear Vital Smarts,   I’ve recently taken the Crucial Conversations Training in an effort to improve my communication skills with my coworkers. However, I’ve been cautioned that I already burned a few bridges and that some of my coworkers are hesitant to work with me on projects. To be honest, I don’t really blame [...]



Crucial Accountability – Transforming a Negative Environment

Dear VitalSmarts, I am a mid-level manager in human services, and support a twenty-one person staff. Nineteen of these team members have a professional approach to their work, manage their emotions appropriately, and are respectful to others. However, two team members are constantly negative, complaining, and disrespectful. I have addressed these behaviors with them, but [...]

What to Do With Accountability when You Lack Authority

Dear VitalSmarts, My supervisor often gives me leadership responsibility for projects involving multiple departments. However, my position is not viewed as one of authority. As a result, I struggle to get results from others when I ask them to do something. When I present my lack of progress and ask for assistance, I’m told I [...]

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Crucial Accountability

Respecting Part-time Coworkers

I am a middle-aged, part-time worker by choice and work very hard while I am at work. I have a great attendance record, I’m dedicated, meticulous, and take initiative without drawing attention to myself. I try to do everything I can to make my coworkers’ jobs easier. Per my supervisor and coworkers, I am a [...]

The Five Crucial Conversations for Flawless Execution

Are you currently working on a team that is experiencing one or more of the following? “We have great starts, but struggle with finishing strong – on time, on budget.” “We say “yes” to tight project deadlines knowing full well we can’t finish it given the timelines and resources provided” “We delivered the result – [...]

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