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An Ode to a Meaningful Conversation

Crucial Conversations is quite a notion, When stakes are high, opinions differ & there’s excess emotion, There seems to be an underlying annoyance, As we toggle between Silence & Violence. Sure it’s good to get rid of all the muck, And identify where we are actually stuck.., Backtrack from the ‘unhappy’ result, Step-out of the [...]

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How to Decline A Friend’s Invitation

Dear Steve, My friend and I have been close for many years. However, my husband and I really dislike her husband; being in the same room feels like a chore and is emotionally exhausting. She is aware that I do not like her husband but she likes hosting Christmas dinner and insists we are like [...]

Crucial Conversations with a Defensive Spouse

Dear Joseph, My wife and I have a communication issue. We don’t talk enough about problems. Our conversation never lasts longer than forty-five seconds. This pattern has left a lot of issues unresolved that I feel are detrimental to the long-term health of our family. As soon as there is some indication of responsibility or [...]



Crucial Conversations in a Crowd and Other Less Than Ideal Circumstances

Dear Emily, I have enjoyed reading your guidance. Your advice and books tend to assume an ideal environment for communication: face-to-face, alone, and with no distractions. Those conditions are ideal, but rare. Most interactions are constrained: in an open-plan office, with family members, on a car or train, with background noise, or amidst distractions, lack [...]

Helping an Unmotivated Teenager

Dear Steve, I have a thirteen-year-old son who thinks everything in life sucks. He tends to think everything will be better somewhere else. He asks for things and when we get them for him, he decides he doesn’t want it anymore and wants something else. For example, we bought him a guitar so he could [...]