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You’re Not A Good Enough Actor

In the early 1980s, I slowly transitioned from teaching MBA classes to designing corporate training programs. Surprisingly, with this change in focus, my design partners and I soon found ourselves in, of all places, Hollywood—not the glamorous version that produces dazzling movies, but the not-so-glamorous version that produces industrial videos. Here’s what took us to [...]

Be a good Actor


Surviving Freedom

  By Kerry Patterson As a child, my parents fiercely protected me. At their insistence, I remained close to home and under their tight watch. And then, one day in early 1959, they let go. When I turned thirteen, my Mom and Dad either tired of regulating my every move or began to trust me. [...]

Stuck Between Management and the Front Lines

Dear David, I work in a unionized workplace. I have great respect for unions and the intent of protecting frontline workers. However, once you are no longer considered a frontline employee you no longer have union rights/representation. This can create a pocket of employees, foremen in this case, that are not executive leadership, but are [...]


Project Team Influencer

What to Do With Accountability when You Lack Authority

Dear VitalSmarts, My supervisor often gives me leadership responsibility for projects involving multiple departments. However, my position is not viewed as one of authority. As a result, I struggle to get results from others when I ask them to do something. When I present my lack of progress and ask for assistance, I’m told I [...]