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How to Connect with an Aging Parent

Dear David, My husband struggles with how to engage in conversation with his mother. Mom doesn’t get out much and spends a lot of time with what we consider negative news. When we are together, she shares her opinions as facts. Often sweeping generalizations,”Kids today don’t learn anything in school,” or, “No one . . [...]



Strengthening your Marriage with Crucial Conversations

Dear Yogesh,  Much of what is taught about crucial skills seems to work if both people have similar mind-sets toward certain principles in life. But when two people have different likelihoods, is it possible to have any solution? My wife and I recently got married, and we both love each other very much. But now [...]

Crucial Conversations: The Original Deal Makers

One cannot overlook and understate the importance of crucial conversations in today’s world. In the business and corporate front, these crucial conversations are an integral factor by which the organization drives forward to reach new heights. These can be direct deal clinchers within or outside the organization. Communication has literally taken over the corporate work [...]

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The Big C of Business – Communication

Business and communication are two distinct categories that make a significant whole. In today’s fierce and competitive economy, it is almost impossible to do without effective business communication skills. Business communications are not simply restricted to communication and conversational skills (though they form a major crux of the same) but include a plethora of activities [...]

How to be a Friendly Boss and effective Leader

Question: Dear VitalSmarts India, I’ve been told that one cannot be an effective boss by being a friend to those one supervises. I have some serious concerns about this as I feel that being a friend at work is a good way to gain employee confidence and performance. I’m concerned about where to draw the [...]

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