What are the pros and cons of an accountability training program

Accountability training programs have become a crucial part of all organisations. The mayhem around the utility of accountability still prevails all across the globe but has not been able to curb the implementation of an accountability module. Accountability training programs are mandatory for the work force and are often included in the employee handbooks in majority of firms in today’s time.

The debate around the accountability training module refuses to die down and this is the reason we thought it would be a great idea to put the pros and cons of accountability training across and leave it to you to judge what sits you. Have a look:

The pros of an accountability training module include:

1.    Greater responsibility: The organisation becomes responsible when there is an accountability module in place. You assume responsibility for your action and set a model for the rest of the work force to follow. Once you are accountable for your actions, possibility of going wrong and getting lethargic are actually less and people actually take interest in their work. There is no frisking or shifting of responsibility.
2.    Shared vision: An accountability training program brings everyone on the same page which leads to a better organisational management. The possibility of miscommunication evades and things are much clearer. Accountability training program leads to a transparent and harmonious environment at work. This is beneficial in totality for everyone.
3.    Eases communication: Accountability is directly linked to communication and thus facilitates smoother communication at work.
4.    Puts blame game at bay: This is by far the most important aspect and benefit of accountability training. Organisations are prone to blame games especially during the failure of a project or initiative. It becomes easier for people to shift blame for the failure in the absence of an accountability system. No one wants to be held accountable for a failure and that is the reason acrimony pilfers in the business. An accountability model puts everyone on the same plane and evades the possibility of people pointing fingers at each other. This not only creates a happy space in the work place but also eases out work and tensions among employees. People are more cautious at work and actually make efforts to do their work to utmost precision.

There are two sides to everything. Accountability training program has many benefits and advantages but there might be also some disadvantages and cons associated to it. Here are a few of them:

•    You might lose people: When people are being bound to be placed under an accountability model, there might be a few who would not want to conform. This often leads to a few people opting out and you would have to make peace with that. Not everyone is for the keeps.
•    Time consuming: Changes take time. Any change would take time to get accomplished. When you put an accountability training program in place, possibilities are initially you would not only be met with resistance but also failure to meet the set goals.

The cons of the accountability training module could be well tackled if dealt with perseverance. VitalSmarts has a great accountability training program that takes into consideration all the complications involves and delivers effective need based solutions.