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2013 was quite a year.  I stirred from a decent sized role into a role that was virtually doubly the scale.  That is twice the volume, twice the revenue and twice the personnel in comparison to my previous role. And twice the number of sticky problems and issues to be worked through.

Crucial Conversations Training

Crucial Conversations Training

What I didn’t understand once I started this role is how little I was skilled at dealing with tricky conversations.  Time and again I would either be engaged in or be the reason of some tricky times.  As the year progressed it became a lot of and more apparent that I wasn’t the sole person with a deficit in the area of dealing with tricky conversations.

The solution is Crucial Conversations Training.

In short the means the program works is that the participants area unit shown a diagram that explains what a crucial conversation looks like, sounds like and how to deal with those tricky times.  In brief a crucial conversation is made up of three key parts -

1. High emotions

2. High stakes

3. Opposing opinions

A full two days of observing at how we tend to converse and how we approach tricky conversations ensued.  The training was skilled, professional, crisp and punchy in its delivery.  Lots of fantastic materials were given to each attendee including a book, flash cards and audio DVDs.
All the minutes of the day were prepared and there have been lots of activities to stay the brain stimulated and the energy levels up.

What did I get pleasure from regarding it?

•    The interaction between participants and the facilitator;
•    The way to content of the course, and
•    The entire take away that you can apply to any situation straight away.

What did we talk about?

•    How to figure out what you want from a conversation before you start
•    Recognizing when a conversation is going south
•    How to keep on talking even when you’ve been hurt or feel unsafe
•    What do you do when someone else blows up?
•    Making sure action happens

Our entire business unit will undertake the training early next year.  The aim of the training is to help all our people to be able understand the complexity and emotions of a conversation and the way to figure with those to confirm a positive outcome.

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