Why Credible Accountability Training Goes a Long Way For Your Organization

A robust accountability training program would reap a number of benefits for your organisation. And what is the best part? It is not just a mindset but a skill that can be inculcated and acquired in due time. VitalSmarts India is adept at providing accountability training that caters to multiple aspects of accountability useful for an organization. You could actually get all the necessary assistance as per your needs and requirements carved out by getting in touch with their able team of professionals.

How could you bring a credible accountability training model into practise in your organization? What are the steps to be followed? How should you go about it?

1.Realise responsibility is a two-way action: Being responsible for your actions make your amiable and garners repute, respect and good will from your peers and subordinates. This is most important during times when things are out of order. It is easy and flexible to claim responsibility  of actions that fetch great results. However, when things have met with failure, people resort to blame games and shifting of responsibilities. This is where accountability steps in. Also, what is crucial is that accountability should just not be expected out of the employees but also from the top leadership. Responsibility should be a transparent mechanism binding everyone from top to bottom.

2.Power: Power dynamics play a crucial role in implementing accountability training program. In fact, power is a huge component at work in organisations. Power should be used but never misused. You must use your power at all times to hold people accountable at all times despite fearing people’s dissent.

 3.Present should be the focus: The successful managers are those who are able to live in the present and focus on the immediate rather than contemplating on the would and should haves. The things that didn’t work or should have worked should not affect your present. Leave the past behind and plan for the future but never compromise on the present.

4.Manage expectations: It is very natural for people to have undue expectations from the anticipated accountability skill training. You must be well equipped to manage all the expectations. It is not possible to meet everyone’s expectations and please everyone, so you would have to make peace with that. As far as possible, convey all the messages in writing rather than communicating everything in person to people periodically. It leads to chaos and miscommunication.

5.Take time: You need to give time to the accountability training to bear fruits. It would take time for efforts to translate into actions. Also, it is possible to face gaps in the initial phases of the implementation so do not give up so soon. You must be perseverant and everything shall follow.

6.Personal accountability:  Set a precedence to follow. Be accountable yourself and this would motivate others to follow suit.

7.Reward and celebrate: It is very important to celebrate your success. When the accountability training leads to success make room for celebrations and rewards. You could devise your own method of celebration. This would act as further motivation and lead to greater success.

8.Focus: It is mandatory to remain focused while accountability skills training is underway to achieve results.