Change is the Only Constant in Business

Organizational change is a necessary prerequisite for implementing and succeeding at a business transition strategy. Change often involves adopting new technological advancements and mindsets and may even extend to making certain human resource changes in order to achieve newer targets with greater vigour.

However, it is crucial to have a flexible framework for better organisational change management involving the cooperation and acceptance of most of the employees.  Vital Smarts as the name suggests, has a smart and dedicated team that has devised many good plans to help you with better organisational change management. They’ve been in the said domain for a substantial period of time now, having garnered a wide customer base, thanks to their service quality and performance standards.

Given how competitive the business world is, comprehensive organizational change management is the need of the hour. There are certain strategies to handle organisational change management. Let us have a closer look at some of them:


  • Organisational Readiness Assessment
  • Well, this is a rather important step that needs to be taken before implementing organizational change. You need to be completely aware of the number of employees in favour of the anticipated change, because it will directly impact their performance and subsequently, of the organisation.
  • Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to take into account and adhere to all the unnecessary resistance but testing the waters might help you come with better persuasive strategies and be better equipped to handle resistance to the new organizational change. Therefore, inadvertently this is the first step towards successful organizational change management.


Start Early:

1- The planning must be done in a structural manner and that too well in advance. This ensures space for a number of things sans any last minute hassles

2- There are many benefits to starting early, as it ensures successful organisational change management. This includes proactive application of the anticipated strategies and prepares the employees for their newer roles.

3- This leaves ample space for adapting to the newer policies. It definitely ensures a wider sense of enthusiasm and engagement. This in a way brings the entire team together to plan and improvise on the changes.

4- Of course, it would also lead to better solutions being thought of in case of any complexity or deadlock. Hence, early beginning is crucial to effective organisational change management.


Ensure involvement:

1- One cannot carry on successful organisational change management before involving the entire team or at least a significant majority. There has to be a good communication between the employees and the management.

2- Sometimes change in itself is not that big an issue, but the fact that it is being imposed forcibly becomes the point of discontent. This situation is best avoided.


Effective delegation:

1- The focus should be to ensure effective delegation of employees in the newer roles. Organisational change management can be ensured only by engaging right people at the right places.

2- This makes employees realise their worth leading to better commitment and productivity.


Be firm:

1- This goes without saying, and forms the backbone of effective organisational change management.

2- The ones at the top positions should be absolutely sure of their decision and evade even a small percentage of doubt.

3- This makes the employees realize the conviction and seriousness of the issue. In case you keep faltering, the situation would become rather comical and would not portray you in the best of light.


Be positive and exude patience:

1- Any structural and organisational changes take time to get going. So, patience is the golden word here!

2- Keep realistic expectations and do not think miracles would happen.

3- Be persistence in the effort and wait for things to turn around.