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Case Studies

The Roi-Tan Cemetery

By Kerry Patterson When I was a little tyke, I loved insects. Sometimes I’d watch ants for hours as they hauled Lilliputian bundles down footprint valleys and up tennis-shoe mountains. On listless summer days, I’d crumble a Necco wafer over our front-porch deck and then sit back and watch as hundreds of tiny stevedores struggled [...]



How to Increase Your Conversational Skills

Dear David, How do you make and keep friends when you are inept in conversation? I can be in a crowded room, sit in one corner and just people watch because I have nothing to say. Also, if I have an opportunity to go out to places where there will be more than two people, [...]

Surviving the Daily Commute (Case Study)

A  PERSONAL  SUCCESS  STORY I cannot express how much of a difference this has made in my daily commute . It was not easy,but I gave myself the time to figure it out, had confidence I could figure it out, and kept trying.– Sheryl Brining, Bethesda, MD Previously, my driving philosophy was as follows: anyone who [...]


Everyday Influencer

Meagan Palmer Through adopting two vital behaviors, Meagan Palmer has lost 45 pounds and is leading a happier, healthier life for herself and her family. Meagan Palmer has always struggled with her weight. Two children, thyroid medication, a busy schedule, painful knees, and reaching thirty-something all conspired against her. Of course she wasn’t the only one in her [...]

Crucial Conversations Training Improves Productivity at Sprint NexTel by 93%

        INDUSTRY: Telecom Sprint NexTel offers an extensive range of innovative communication products and solutions, including global IP, wireless, local, and multiproduct bundles. A Fortune 100 company with more than $45 billion in annual revenues, Sprint NexTel is widely recognized for developing, engineering, and deploying state-of-the-art network technologies. THE OPPORTUNITY New IT [...]