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The Roi-Tan Cemetery

  When I was a little tyke, I loved insects. Sometimes I’d watch ants for hours as they hauled Lilliputian bundles down footprint valleys and up tennis-shoe mountains. On listless summer days, I’d crumble a Necco wafer over our front-porch deck and then sit back and watch as hundreds of tiny stevedores struggled to carry [...]



The Importance of Intent

September 13, 2016   When I was twelve years old and William “Pop” Noonan first invited me to operate his corner grocery store while he spent his Saturdays running errands, I quickly accepted the job—and then repeatedly botched it. I took so many missteps that I’m sure he would have fired me were it not [...]

Manipulating Crucial Skills

  Dear Joseph, My boss is a big fan of yours, but I think he’s misusing his understanding of your material to bully people then patting himself on the back for being a great communicator. I might approach him and say, “When I said [blank] in that meeting, you cut me off and responded in [...]


Group of teenagers and a teacher using laptop together.

Change Needs To Happen At the Thought Level

Hiring the right candidate is pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Employers complain that a vast majority of the graduates they get are not up to the job. EDUCATION MAIL lines up some of the country’s top talent spotters and finds out what they look for in a candidate while hiring. [...]

Beware Girl! You may pay for being assertive at work

EMOTIONAL INEQUALITY AT WORKPLACE   Organisations and workplaces cannot thrive if employees, regardless of gender don’t speak up. But, what if peers discriminate a person, just for being assertive? Unfortunately, gender inequality is more than a paradox in today’s workplace reality. In the corporate culture, women are supposed to be caring and patient, even in [...]

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