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The Road Less Traveled

Nowadays, teenage boys have it made. Most have access to man caves and media rooms that serve as perfect hangouts. When I was thirteen, you had to leave home to find anything remotely similar. In my case, a hundred yards down the alley behind our house, nestled against the local college’s northern boundary, lay a [...]


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What are the pros and cons of an accountability training program

Accountability training programs have become a crucial part of all organisations. The mayhem around the utility of accountability still prevails all across the globe but has not been able to curb the implementation of an accountability module. Accountability training programs are mandatory for the work force and are often included in the employee handbooks in [...]

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Beware Girl! You may pay for being assertive at work

EMOTIONAL INEQUALITY AT WORKPLACE   Organisations and workplaces cannot thrive if employees, regardless of gender don’t speak up. But, what if peers discriminate a person, just for being assertive? Unfortunately, gender inequality is more than a paradox in today’s workplace reality. In the corporate culture, women are supposed to be caring and patient, even in [...]

Why your Business Needs a Prudent Crucial Accountability Program

There is too much discussion about the need of having a crucial accountability program in organisations. But why so? What is the trigger to such great outcry over the absolute indispensability of the crucial accountability program? The answer is simple when you are in a scenario wherein you are endowed with authority or responsibility without [...]

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