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An Ode to a Meaningful Conversation

Crucial Conversations is quite a notion, When stakes are high, opinions differ & there’s excess emotion, There seems to be an underlying annoyance, As we toggle between Silence & Violence. Sure it’s good to get rid of all the muck, And identify where we are actually stuck.., Backtrack from the ‘unhappy’ result, Step-out of the [...]

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Corporate Culture

How to Make Crucial Conversations Part of Your Culture

Dear David, I work for a global manufacturing company. We are in the process of redefining our workplace culture and recognize that one of the key business behaviors we need to develop, at every level, is the ability to effectively have crucial conversations. What recommendations do you have for creating a workplace ‘movement’ that influences [...]


Crucial Conversations via Email

Dear Steve, Having successfully used and trained Crucial Conversations for many years, I believe in its efficacy for making difficult communication easier, more respectful, and more productive. My question is around whether it’s ever preferable to preface a crucial conversation by using email. Might this pave the way for a more congenial exchange later on [...]

How to End a Relationship Stand-Off

Dear Joseph, I work with clients who are in conflict with each other. Their “stories” about the other person make resolution impossible. They’ve been in conflict with each other for so long that they are convinced that their judgments are facts. For example, they are both convinced the other person is a jerk, a bully, [...]