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How to Work With a Self-Centered Person

Dear Yogesh, I feel I am dealing with a bunch of self-obsessed co-workers and managers who think the world revolves around them only. I can understand this happening to my 14-year-old son knowing his age and adolescence but, expecting this from working adults seems tough. I am afraid if the world is getting filled with [...]

self centered person

An Ode to a Meaningful Conversation

Crucial Conversations is quite a notion, When stakes are high, opinions differ & there’s excess emotion, There seems to be an underlying annoyance, As we toggle between Silence & Violence. Sure it’s good to get rid of all the muck, And identify where we are actually stuck.., Backtrack from the ‘unhappy’ result, Step-out of the [...]

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Culture Change

Your Very Own Culture Change

When my partners and I first organized our company nearly thirty years ago, we were surprised by the stance our employees took on snacks. That’s right, snacks. The day we opened the doors of our burgeoning consultancy, we decided to stock the communal refrigerator with tasty fruits and juices. The company would purchase these snacks [...]

Don’t Agree On The Facts? How to Dialogue Anyway

Dear David, As a certified trainer, I want to be prepared to answer students’ questions. In talking about separating facts from stories, the question came up: “What if people disagree about what each person said?” For example, I say to my son: “You said you would pick up milk on the way home.” He responds [...]

Discussing The Facts