The Art of Crucial Conversations Training in India

Differing opinions, turbulent heated discussions emotional vulnerability and high stakes. Caught in this unfavourable situation? What would you do now? The easiest option would be to run away, the manipulative option would be to avoid the situation and pass the burden on someone else but the most difficult and at the same time the best thing to do would be to face the situation and talk it through. Yes, we are hinting at the power of crucial conversation. It is the dialogue that has the potential of solving the most convoluted problems.

The dialogue is unlike any other and one has to take serious steps rather restrain and control avoid swaying between two extremes i.e. silence and violence. These kind of conversational skills do not come easy and one needs to be trained in it. So what do the crucial conversations training module in India look like?

•    Believe in the power of dialogue: This is the most important step. You ought to believe in it to gain from it. There is no point getting into something half-heartedly. The aim of the dialogue is arrive at a shared and collective success through the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

•    Focus and to the point: The person entering into the conversation or dialogue with the client is to be clear as to what exactly do you want? There is no scope of going astray midway through the conversation. Focus and determination are the two prerequisites on which such important conversations thrive. There is no need and space to divulge into personal matters or things from the past. Also, do not digress much.

•    Identify dangers: A good crucial conversations training skills in India by the best trainers would focus on identifying the conversation breakers. There are signs that hint toward the conversation coming to an end. The point is to arrive at mutual benefit. At no point should you compromise the other person’s safety and avenue for growth.

•    Control over emotions: Anger, sadness, depression, hurt are best avoided. Emotions do not run businesses. The impact that they create is far from reasonable. Logic is the best way to handle intense situations and not flared up emotions.

•    Persuasion: this is a skill that has no competition. You must be persuasive and make sure you win over the other person’s confidence. Persuasive skills are the ones that differentiate between a good communicator and influencer and an average one. At the same time ensure you do not come across as an abrasive and arrogant individual. Humility is a non-negotiable virtue that can and should not be compromised upon.

•    Action-oriented: This is the final and perhaps the most important step of any good and holistic crucial conversations training skill. The point of any heated argument or discussion is met only when those dialogues translate into actions. The inability to achieve this throws a shroud of disdain over the healthy conversations and renders them unproductive, disappointing and ineffective.

Crucial conversations training in India is not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination. Slowly but surely, it is getting there though! Companies, businesses and organizations who want to spread their wings and grow rapidly are recognizing the innate importance of the subject. Knowing that it is here to stay, taking the plunge before your competitors will definitely help you with that much needed edge in the rat race.