You Might Be the Reason Your Employees Aren’t Changing

Originally Posted on Harvard Business Review – You Might Be the Reason Your Employees Aren’t Changing   We all need a coach. Research we conducted at VitalSmarts shows that 97% of employees readily admit to having a “career-limiting habit” — some behavior that will forever hold them back, unless they can learn to change it. [...]

Employees Aren’t Changing

Sleepy Worker

How to Deal with a Distracted Employee

Dear Crucial Skills, My brother has a small IT business and usually employs four to five people at a time. He recently employed a twenty-year-old college student we’ll call Mark. Because of his girlfriend’s unexpected pregnancy, Mark had to stop studying and finds himself raising a family. His family situation is complex; he commutes about [...]

Why We Lie: A Surprisingly Simple Way to Spur Greater Honesty

Fifteen-year-old Jake is a high school basketball star. We invited Jake to go into another room and toss beanbags through holes of various sizes in a plywood target, then report back to us with his final score. Our hidden camera recorded that he scored six out of a possible fifteen points (not too good for [...]


Sign of a bad customer

5 Signs You’re a Bad Customer

Originally posted on U.S.News Money Botched orders, rude waitstaff and that mocking, automated voice answering your calls – everyone has a customer service horror story. In fact, 68 percent of households have experienced “customer rage,” according to a 2013 telephone survey of 1,003 consumers by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Customer rage [...]

Dealing with a Last-minute Boss

  Dear Crucial Skills, My boss likes to leave things open for change until the last moment and this stresses me out completely. A few examples: (1) We were presenting to senior management and had agreed to drop several items from the presentation based on specific logical reasons. Two hours before the presentation, he decided [...]

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