Strengthening your Marriage with Crucial Conversations

Dear Yogesh,  Much of what is taught about crucial skills seems to work if both people have similar mind-sets toward certain principles in life. But when two people have different likelihoods, is it possible to have any solution? My wife and I recently got married, and we both love each other very much. But now [...]


Balancing safety in a group

Balancing Safety in a Group

Dear Joseph, I work as a consultant with churches. I recently had a participant in a group who kept pushing her agenda. Her pressure was impeding the group’s progress. I gently told her she seemed unwilling to move her stake. I acknowledged that we all go there from time to time, then asked her to [...]

Cream Puffs and Confidence

    “You know what I’d like for dessert tonight?” I asked my mother one morning as I hovered over a bowl of cereal.   “Does it look like I’m taking orders?” Mom replied with a smile. I was twelve at the time, so I wasn’t completely blind to social graces. I knew that it [...]


Repairing Relationship

Repairing Relationships with Your Children

  Dear Joseph, I am a single parent with seventeen- and twenty-year-old sons. Over the years, I have, unintentionally and regrettably, shouted quite loudly at my children when they have misbehaved. My twenty-year-old hasn’t seemed to be bothered, but my seventeen-year-old has become emotionally very distant. He has hinted that it is because I always [...]

New Study: How to Kill Your Career in One Sentence

A new study by New York Times bestselling authors Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield found five common career killing comments, and the top comment involves giving critical feedback. You might know how this usually works. You’re in a meeting, and you decide to get really honest with the boss or a coworker. You lay it [...]