It’s Not Poor Customer Service, It’s Silence that Costs You

I used to share a poem at the beginning of some of my speeches. I won’t tell you what it was out of respect for its author. I loved the poem. I felt that my recitation of it was a big hit. I thought it was clever, funny, and relevant to my topic. Apparently, I [...]


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The Art of Crucial Conversations Training in India

Differing opinions, turbulent heated discussions emotional vulnerability and high stakes. Caught in this unfavourable situation? What would you do now? The easiest option would be to run away, the manipulative option would be to avoid the situation and pass the burden on someone else but the most difficult and at the same time the best [...]

First Step to Management Success = Crucial Accountability Skills Training

Crucial accountability skills Training is an important part of any successful management strategy. It is a must include activity in the HR department. There is a reason to it. In fact, more than one. Accountability is linked to the responsibility of the vested duty which in turn is linked to the success of the firm [...]

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Why Influencer Skill Training is Imperative to your Business Growth

In today’s dynamic world, the elements of doing business have hugely changed and soft skills and persuading talents have gained tremendous potential. The value of influencer skill training has accelerated manifolds and reached new heights. This is a rather positive thing because influencer skill training equips business professionals with a necessary skill set including strategies [...]

Crucial Conversations: The Original Deal Makers

One cannot overlook and understate the importance of crucial conversations in today’s world. In the business and corporate front, these crucial conversations are an integral factor by which the organization drives forward to reach new heights. These can be direct deal clinchers within or outside the organization. Communication has literally taken over the corporate work [...]

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