Recovering from False Perceptions

Dear Emily, I have found that participants in long-term relationships tend to keep score in their emotional bank accounts. Over time we may build up a mental image of the other person—often a fictitious persona which is heavily weighted toward the things that bug us most about him or her. The perception of the other [...]



Stereotypes, Distrust, and Bias

Dear David, I am a middle manager and have a boss who doesn’t trust one of my employees and—by extension—he doesn’t trust me. My employee has sensed the distrust. Even though this employee meets expectations, does a good job, and is liked by everyone else, my boss seems to dislike her demeanor. I am working [...]

The Road Less Traveled

Nowadays, teenage boys have it made. Most have access to man caves and media rooms that serve as perfect hangouts. When I was thirteen, you had to leave home to find anything remotely similar. In my case, a hundred yards down the alley behind our house, nestled against the local college’s northern boundary, lay a [...]


Woman team Accountability

What are the pros and cons of an accountability training program

Accountability training programs have become a crucial part of all organisations. The mayhem around the utility of accountability still prevails all across the globe but has not been able to curb the implementation of an accountability module. Accountability training programs are mandatory for the work force and are often included in the employee handbooks in [...]

Missing Social Cues

Dear Kerry, I’m faced with the challenge of training people who are rather low self-monitors. That is, they don’t read social cues particularly well and as a result often annoy or offend others. They tend to push too hard or talk about topics that others are no longer interested in or simply hang back and [...]