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    Crucial Conversations

    Crucial Conversations

    Interested in developing skills to make a difference in your team or organization around accountability, performance and execution? Today it's about the dynamic corporate teams and organizations where stakes are high and emotions run strong, where conflict resolution, employee engagement, performance appraisal and building effective communication skills may still be a challenge.

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    Crucial Accountability

    Crucial Accountability

    A culture with weak accountability is one where those who see problems say nothing because they assume they don’t have the authority or skills to raise a concern. Our research shows when people see accountability as “someone else’s job” they waste time, resources, and morale—specifically, employees waste $1,500 and an eight-hour workday for every accountability discussion they avoid.

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    Influencer Training


    The truth is, we all need to be better influencers. In spite of the fact that we are continually trying to help ourselves and others to alter behavior, only a few of us can articulate a model of what it takes to do so. It's time to step in whether you are looking for change management or drive lasting organizational change or even uprooting unwanted habitats- the power to achieve sweeping changes lies in your ability to influence behavior.

  4. ribbon change anything

    Change Anything Training

    Change Anything

    Change Anything Training is a one-day course that teaches a breakthrough methodology for successfully solving any individual behavior challenge-at work or at home.

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Why VitalSmarts?
Rather than focus on systems, processes, or strategy, we focus on people. And more specifically, how people behave. Based on more than 30 years of ongoing research, our award-winning courses have been trained to more than 1 million people.

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